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Unacknowledged Loss

the bureau for unfinished business

Unacknowledged Loss - 2017

With Nathalie Bikoro, Claudia Hill, Jassem Hindi, Jasmin İhraç, Ligia Lewis, Maria F. Scaroni, Mieko Suzuki, Oliver Zahn

Part of the project “Unacknowledged Loss” by Barbara Raes  and HAU Hebbel am Ufer

How do we deal with grief and loss? Life could be seen as a series of “moments of transition”, large or small events which lead us through inevitable changes. The decreasing importance of traditional forms to celebrate rites and such moments of passage in life leads to a search for alternatives. Barbara Raes deals in her own practice with the reanimation and new discovery of those rituals. In three filled weeks she will share her knowledge with eight Berlin-based artists, who were invited by HAU Hebbel am Ufer and will work and research on the topic “Unacknowledged Loss”. In this frame, the architect Wilfried Kühn will speak about ritual spaces and DeathLab invite to an open discussion on the relation of art and death. In the last two days of the process the artists present their works focusing especially on those moments of transition and loss.



The Bureau of Unfinished Businness
by Maria F. Scaroni
True transformation means to become something one has never imagined. This ritual action uses a lost mourning dance (see Stendali’- Suona Ancora, di Cecilia Mangini) to support the disposal of held feelings, old self-myths, used skin, by transmuting a body of writings and drawings, of my own unfinished business. With the wish to overcome this moment of meaninglessness and transition, and exorcize the bureaucracy of dying.
ca 25 min
20 people each round

photos by Dorothea Tuch

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