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The Great Report

The Great Report - 2020

Creation for live performance/exhibition of a multisided project conceived by Moritz Frischkorn. The performative activation of the space is an offer for digesting the overwhelmingly intricate nature of this impossible report. Maria F. Scaroni contributed to the live manifestation of the project with this partly choreographed partly improvised dossier. She works as a technowitch, creating a revitalizing spell following the elements as a thread running through the dossiers by Nour Sokhon (on Beirut), Robin Hinsch (on the Niger delta), Dr. Paula Hildebrandt (on Crete). 
Earth (as landfill projects, dispossession through privatization, waste disposal)
Air (as excess of information and communication networks, data mining)
Fire (as oil, drilled and spilled to feed the dance of logistics)
Water (as carrier for the supply chain, polluted, bottled, wasted)

Artistic director:  Moritz Frischkorn
Live Performance / Co-Kreation: Maria F. Scaroni  
Scenography: Vladimir Miller 
Sound: Katharina Pelosi
Dramaturgy: Heike Bröckerhoff 
'Logistics of Paradise' (Video, Text, Installation): Paula Hildebrandt
'Wahala' (Photography, Installation): Robin Hinsch
'Volatile Grounds' (Sound Installation): Nour Sokhon 
Video: Bianca Peruzzi 
Light: Ricarda Schnoor 
Production Manager: Annalena Kirchler 
Research Assistant Lucie Schröder
Stage Assistant: LU’UM



Program Link - Kampnagel

The Great Report - Website

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