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 maybe to tune a ravers diaspora alone together - while waiting - keeping the pulse alive 

offered by Maria F. Scaroni  


This is a technology of ecstasy, done alone, together.

It relies on entrainment, the in-built ability of the human body to fall into rhythm  

and on stepping, walking forward or on place with a downspill, playing the earth with some intention and thrust.

It relies on techno music and on the privilege to access an environment that allows you to be lost in public, in a sonic bubble of your own.

BERLIN is suitable. With 2 or 3 people or more depending on your agreement and management of social distancing regulations.


Otherwise said, for the profane,  it is a walk on a beat. 

Though it is a conscious spell to revive the earth, to become host of an inner rave, a requiem to the dance floor, a feast to the sacred relationship/entanglement of our bodies with gravity and levity.  A Covid-suitable medicine to support the psychological and physical effects of social distancing, isolation, disorientation.


It affirms the need to exchange energy amongst friends and strangers, beyond verbal communication. It’s analogue.

It affirms dancing as a form of misbehaviour.

It bows to the vibe as the master.

It is not fitness, though it’s a workout.

Its success at becoming an altered state of consciousness relies on your desire to raise aliveness within yourself. 

Thus, it is a self-reviving spell, an agency builder.

It’s not dogmatic, though it is intentional. So no guru cosmology, but also no ‘whatever’. Treasure the instructions, they are portals.

It has a beginning and an end.


If shared with other bodies, alone, together, its potency grows exponentially. Plus you need at least a buddy to feel the permission to be a bit idiotic or wonderful in public space. They become helpers for you to shift the legs and arms patterns and let the body unfold.


Thus, spread the vibe, cultivate contagion.


A walk is the portal, the way in. STICK TO THE STEPPING and swinging of the arms, it is a way to activate a different part of the brain that releases endorphins and activate neuro receptors, creating a sense of expanded consciousness, or ‘high’.

As for any attempt at reaching a trance state, REPETITION is the key.

You are committed to 1 hour. Enter patiently, let it be ‘just a walk’ or a dance disguised as a walk for the first 15 min. It will pay back.

The swinging of arms and legs is the baseline, one basic form of repetition in the body, together with breath and heart beat.

The legs have a poem to them. ONE to TWO to MANY. one bone to two bones of the lower leg, to many bones of the feet. 

One to two to many

One to two to many

One to two to many

As a sort of incantation or mantra,  it conjures









There is a POLYRHYTHM in the bones of the legs. So we step on one-one-one-one… but the reverb through the body, the shock wave, is polyrhythmic.


Just stick to it, you will feel it when you are in it and the walk becomes a walk with more expressive arms, then the legs might start to skip a bit so the walk softens and unfolds into a dance-like parade. We ended up pausing at some turns where the city became such a spectacular host and were just dancing, like a small club, then moved on… it becomes an in an out of dancing eventually. Bring it back to stepping, or the feet conversation with the earth, when you get in a bored or undetermined zone, that is what in mindfulness practice is called you anchor. It is an active meditation after all.


How to start and end:

Prepare the track on your device.Test it’s working. You have headphones.

Small ritual: join the devices together like the mosquetier’s spades or a team cheer; connect with each other though eye contact and count down 3-2-1 and press play at the same time.

Then start stepping forward on the beat with a willful intention, playing the earth, reviving its heart with your stepping. Strong legs, soft heart.

Get lost.

If you come across a traffic light, keep the stepping, just in place.

If your friends are slower you can loop back and forth, and catch them.

If you are at an intersection and don’t know where to go, step in place and negotiate the direction or ‘speak’ through the feet and flock on.

When done, stay together a bit so you can check with everybody how they are, one can get quite high, so help each other to come down if you know that’s what you need.

Send a pic or a 10 sec video to


Here some tracks that work well with the speed and the vibe:


Carmen 16







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