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LECKEN - 2017-present

Lecken is an erogenous rave with a strong focus on the dancefloor hosted by a queer-feminist art and music collective made up of a production & art-direction crew of 6 and 4 residents (S Ruston, KILLA, Carmen 16, PAARTANZ). Lecken is also a platform for cultural intervention and somatic expansion, a community art space, a queer counter-economy, and a constant work in progress.


A core idea behind Lecken has been to empower people marginalized or erased by gender-and-sexual oppression to become architects of their own desire and pleasure . It’s been our aim to hold a space that is sensitive to difference without further hardening separations of difference. We have found that this works best when all participants in the Party think of themselves as members of a temporary community, co-producers of a shared experience handled with care and responsibility. The Party is our zone for skill expansion and training in a common dance for a day like tomorrow. 

Lecken 2018 Witchcraft.jpg
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