irrational landlordism

irrational landlordism -  2017

irrational landlordism

maria f. scaroni inspired peter pleyer to come together in a performative situation again in february 2017 after rewatching peters solo "baby birds - for karen" (2007) on the work of karen finley. especially the interview of karen with david wojnarowicz about censorship and the role of the artist in political strangling times will be a starting point for this encounter. 
They will meet in their living rooms, also reading and listening to Jack Smith, gathering strength from their ancestors, and recycle, re-use, re-voice the glittery rage of visionaries and activists, who saw and predicted 'irrational landlordism' taking over the world…this could turn into a dance evening, but could as well become a salon of unpredictable escapisms and disguises, a place where 'we do it again'.

with: maria f. scaroni, peter pleyer, michiel keuper, barbara dietl


Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin
16., 17. und 18. Februar 2017, jeweils um 19.00 Uhr

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