photo by Micheal Rowsome

Contact Improvisation revolutionized my sense of relations: to gravity, to a beyond-sex sensuality, to people, both perceived as sensitive matter and met as individuals with shifting identities and histories. CI asks: what can we do together that we cannot do alone? Dancing is a technology of ecstasy to help repair a sense of  interdependence, comes in as support to healing processes, interweaving the personal, to the collective, to the transpersonal.  From solo, duos, trios we will mostly work in Piles. A whole body made of many, maybe a choir, a devolving civilization, maybe an ever-shifting architecture, a promiscuity, an assemblage. I am interested in researching forms of togetherness using the image and the nature of ‘foam’ as inspiration.


Being soil for each other,


under over disoriented




will mould


and contemplate


dissolving and