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tracking the traces of your lineage

facilitated by Maria F. Scaroni & Peter Pleyer
This is a laboratory, an opportunity to look back into one’s personal history to find the stepping stones of one’s movement practice. We asked ourselves: how did we get here? And then a cascade of questions followed… Who are my ancestors and my mentors? To which strand of post-modern movement practice do I feel affiliated? What am I implicitly or intentionally perpetuating with my dance practice? We carry ghosts, and we reiterate, even mould, other dance histories. Some of the work is about retracing the roots linearly, while some of the tracking procedures will be non-linear and intuitive, aiming to punctuate personal obsessions or recurrent themes. The curiosity is to be in a place of practice and of research, to rewrite with awareness our personal archive, which is private and peculiar, but relates to a wider texture of predecessors and discourses. This simultaneous tracing and weaving is to offers us a place of belonging and gives our current concerns a collective purpose. We are already dancing our lineage, often unconsciously, and want to be able to detect the cues and pin point the traces. We are the present and move in it, and bridge the past and future, perpetually evolving and regressing. We do not have a devised methodology, and are interested in finding one together, attempting a coexistence of approaches and staying present in an open conversation about procedures.

photo by Micheal Rowsome

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