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"Within the heteronormative regime, the term dildotectonics describes deviant and non-normal uses of the individual body, or a practice where several bodies make gender or have sex with dildos." DildoTechnoTonics hybridizes post-contact improvisation body play with Paul Preciado’s contra-sexual inversion practice Dildotectonics. It is a research done together based on a performance for a dance floor by Lecken Berlin.
The dildo anticipates radical democracy:
function without domination
mastery without rule
equal access without sameness
pleasure outside hierarchy
it flattens and expands sexual relations.
it redistributes power. 

Dildotechnotonics is not an orgy per se nor a BDSM workshop. It’s a wild and free experimentation of different kinds of touch, a kind of silly and profound festival of physical behavior. We do practice consent, and we risk an awkward, playful, ecstatic, labour intensive dance, where potentially, several points, spots and parts of the bodyscape are acknowledged as erogenous. Pleasure is not intended just as feeling good. But feeling good we do, in evolving resilient and paradoxical sense of aliveness, polymorphously perverse, everywhere, all the time, in all directions. missbehive!

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