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City Lights

City Lights - 2016

After Crash Landing and Auf den Tisch, Meg Stuart ignites a new improvisation series, in close conspiracy with Maria F. Scaroni and a group of Berlin-based artists. They will meet for a week in an ongoing gathering and host every night an event of encounters open to the public (yet again…’ a dream of a powerful infidel heteroglossia’).

They enter the theater as a historic suite of meeting, as a container of ideas and alliances and disagreements. They are not in search for unity rather a litany of improvised moments, transgressing the personal, daring a reunion. There won’t be a finished performance, but the act of gathering and digesting each others gestures, claiming the theater as the home to experiments, a chamber to resonate unfinished rage, dissent and mutual care. Their voices are of artists and citizens, of permanent residents with temporary visa with an uncertain future. They are locals. A survey of day to day existence, eventually boiling up procedures for creating, whether it’s repulsion, hacking or wet love, how can one care and create under the city’s spell? As storytellers, they wish to create and destroy visual/auditory/kinesthetic myths around how to untangle the knot of preconceived notions in relation to gender, age, improvisation, process and Berlin as a home.

Hosted/Curated by: Meg Stuart, Maria F. Scaroni
Performance in collaboration with: Sandra Blatterer, Ami Garmon, Monika Grzymala, Göksu Kunak, Anja Müller, Giulia Paolucci, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Liz Rosenfeld, Tami Tamaki, Mieko Suzuki, Sigal Zouk, Jeremy Wade; Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann, Ute Wassermann ((Les Femmes Sauvantes), Katrin Plavkac and Ulrika Segerberg (Rostrum), Camilla Baratt-Due.

Produced by HAU, Hebbel Am Ufer, 2016

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